Step Forward Program

The Step Forward program is comprised of four fundamental and accredited steps to progress your skills and personal capabilities. The Step Forward program covers a range of skill based essentials, industry specific accreditations and job readiness training, delivered by our experienced educators designed to give you the tools, support, skills and confidence you need to reach your education and employment goals.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers has been designed as a soft entry point for learners looking at commencing their educational pathway. The aim of Breaking Barriers is to build resilience, self-awareness, coping mechanisms, personal and social capabilities.

For many, taking the first step can be very intimidating, our aim is to create a safe and inviting learning space. The program employs hands on group activities and creative projects, partnered with practical life skills such as, healthy cooking, personal budgeting and employability habits.

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Industry Essentials

Industry Essentials has been designed for learners looking to update their current skillset and gain essential industry tickets. After successful completion of this program, participants will receive the essential industry tickets required to work in a variety of occupations including bars, clubs, cafes, gaming outlets and within the construction industry.

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Land Your Trade

Land your trade workshops are designed to allow students to continue their learning journey by gaining experience in an industry specific nationally accredited skillset.

Land your trade allows learners to truly get a feel for the industry they are wishing to pursue a career in, whilst gaining tangible skills to add to their resume.

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Prepare to Launch

The aim of Prepare to Launch is where participants collate all of their skills and experience gained, using their individual learning plan to help them actualise and obtain their education and employment objectives identified throughout their learning journey.

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ACE Eligibility Checker

The ACE Program is funded by the NSW Government to assist learners who need extra support or assistance with their education, you may be eligible if you meet one or more of the outlined criteria.

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The ACE Program is funded by the NSW Government to assist learners who need extra support or assistance with their education. To verify your eligibility tick the boxes below that apply:

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