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Land Your Trade

Land your trade workshops are designed to allow students to continue in their learning journey by gaining experience in an Industry specific nationally accredited skillsets. This allows learners to truly get a feel for the industry they are wishing to pursue a career in whilst gaining tangible skills to add to their resume. The industries available in the Land Your Trade work shops include:

  • Multi Trade Taster Workshop
  • Hospitality Taster Workshop
  • Office Skills Taster Workshop

We are currently accepting waitlist registrations for this course. Please see below to view full course details and to join the waitlist.

This course is suitable for students who would like to continue their learning journey by gaining an Industry specific nationally accredited skillset.

As part of this course, students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Improve employability
  • Gain industry accredited skillset
  • Build skills and capabilities

Through a combination of theory coursework and practical training, students will complete the following units of competency relevant to their chosen industry:

Trade Workshop:

  • MEM13015 - Work Safely and Effectively in Manufacturing and Engineering
  • MEM11011 - Undertake Manual Handling
  • MEM16006 - Organise and Communicate Information
  • MEM18001 - Use Hand Tools
  • MEM05003 - Perform Soft Soldering

Hospitality Workshop:

  • SITXFSA001 - Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
  • SITHCCC006 - Prepare Appetisers and Salads
  • SITHCCC002 - Prepare and Present Simple Dishes
  • SITXWHS001 - Participate in Safe Work Practices
  • SITHKOP001 - Clean Kitchen Premises and Equipment
  • CSO202002 - Cafe Skills (non-accredited)

Office Skills Workshop:

  • BSBTEC101 - Operate Digital Devices
  • BSBPEF202 - Plan and Apply Time Management
  • BSBTEC202 - Use Digital Technologies to Communicate in a Work Environment
  • BSBTEC201 - Use Business Software Applications
  • BSBOPS201 - Work Effectively in Business Environments

Central Coast Community College

This training is subsidised for eligible students by the NSW Government under the ACE program. To verify your eligibility contact or for more information visit our ACE Subsidy Eligibility page.

Training for this course will be delivered face to face at our Ourimbah campus.

Information regarding course dates will be communicated to students who waitlist once a course is scheduled.

Further study options:

Students who complete this course may continue their studies by enrolling into Prepare to Launch (course coming soon).

Career prospects:

Students wishing to undertake the accredited tickets and statement of attainments may choose a career in the below industries:

  • Trades
  • Horticulture
  • Hospitality
  • Business Administration

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