About Us

Central Coast Community College operates as an independent, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee to provide high quality, adult education courses and activities to meet the expressed needs of the local community. It is our vision to create a community with raised aspirations where people are empowered to achieve their potential and enjoy success.

Our College is a stepping stone for students and businesses to reach their full potential through a genuine and supportive person centred approach. We continue to evolve to meet the needs of business and community members in their pursuit of innovative education and training opportunities, and to reach out to those who need assistance to realise their education goals and participate productively.

We offer accredited vocational training in specialised fields, including leadership and management, aged care, beauty, information technology, and work, health and safety, as well as general interest courses such as photography and modern foreign languages.

Community Colleges aim to enrich lives, to strengthen organisations and to build communities through innovative high quality education and training tailored to the individual. We offer purpose built training facilities that provides students with a realistic working environment, but we can also come to you! Our trainers are specialists in their fields and ensure that all students receive individualised, high quality training that will help enhance their skills and knowledge for both personal and professional development.

The organisation was established in 1989 and became a Registered Training Organisation in 2000. Our College focuses on delivering education and learning programs that meet the social, economic and cultural needs of the community, and is known for the friendly, supportive, flexible and inclusive environment it provides to participants.

The point of difference is our approach, our reason for existing and our community based governance. Our College is governed by Board of Directors made up of dedicated community leaders, who employ a Chief Executive Officer, management and administrative staff to oversee the College. We listen to what the community needs and we tailor our education and training programs to meet those needs.

Our College receives funding from NSW Department of Education and Communities, the Department of Education and Training, and State Training Services. We also offer competitive fee-for-service courses to diversify our revenue stream as a way to ensure we have a financially sustainable business model.

We are a Registered Training Organisation and deliver qualifications from the Australian Qualifications Framework. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) monitors the College’s performance and quality through rigorous quality audits to ensure that we continue to meet national standards.

Central Coast Community College acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land upon which we share our knowledge with each other and the wider community. We pay our respects to elders past and present, and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.