National Disability Insurance Scheme

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme?
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new disability support scheme designed to give people with disabilities choice and control over the support they receive.

Who can access National Disability Insurance Scheme?
People can access NDIS who have permanent disabilities that significantly affects some aspects of their lives. This can include communication, mobility, self care and self management.

What will I get from National Disability Insurance Scheme?
NDIS will work with you to provide you with ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports designed to lessen the impact of your disability on your life. NDIS planners will work with you to prepare a plan, setting out how you want to live your life and the assistance you need to achieve that. Supports can include, providing paid people to help you with personal care, help around the house or to get around in your local community. You may also receive funding for vehicle modification, special equipment or help in finding employment.

Early Intervention
Early intervention is included in the NDIS with a focus on gaining significant improvements and preventing functional decline. Early intervention is not just for children – older people with acquired brain injury, Parkinson’s disease or sensory impairments can also benefit from early intervention.

What will change from the current system?
NDIS will place emphasis on each individual being empowered to achieve their goals and receiving the supports they need to do so. Market based approach will ensure value for money for each individual; people can use their allocated funding the way they want to achieve their aims.

Who Pays?
The Federal Parliament in Canberra has agreed to raise the Medicare levy by .5% to pay for the NDIS. This means that all Australians are paying through their taxes to support people with disabilities. The move is very popular in the community because people understand that people with disabilities deserve all the help and support they need to make their lives better.

What’s happening now with NDIS?
Right now NDIS is being trialled and rolled out gradually. It’s coming to the Coast in 2016. Check-out the NDIS website for more information.

What should I do now?
The NDIS will commence at Central Coast Community College from 2016 and applications will open shortly. Our NDIS Coordinator will be available to meet with you to find out more about how it applies to you. You might also like to be prepared for that time by thinking about how you would really like your life to be and how NDIS can help you reach those goals.

If you have any questions at all, our friendly staff at Central Coast Community College would be happy to talk to you more about the NDIS. Please call 4348 4300.