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Yoga- Move and Eat For Your Body Type

This course has no current classes. Please to be notified of vacancies and similar courses.

Move and Eat for your Body Type! Learn the tools to Never Diet Again!

If you have done countless Body Challenges, Diet Plans and 6 Week Shreds to get fit for summer...Maybe its time to look at working from the Inside Out.

Since finding out my body type I have been able to nurture my body through movement and Yoga. For so many years I pushed my body in the gym, grinding calories on bikes and doing gym class after gym class and feeling more stressed, tired and sore after! I was holding body fat and becoming bloated because I was constantly checking macros, calories and eating every three hours. I didn’t know any different.

When I studied Yoga, I started to learn about the Doshas (Body Types) and Ayurveda. There is a reason why slower exercise suits some of us and faster movement can benefit others...find out why!

After discovering what type I was, no wonder high intensity, Push based exercise and fast movements only made me more agitated and anxious. I needed to slow down and work on breath, steady strength and Yoga. When this happened, my body could finally breathe. I’m not saying I don’t move fast anymore, but I balance it out a lot more and know what I need every day rather than follow a plan, I have learnt to listen to what the body craves and needs.

Processed Foods, Sleep and Simple Movement Patterns covered in this interactive workshop!