Community Education Trainer of the Year – Peter Wilson

Pete Wilson - CCA Trainer of the Year
Peter Wilson CCA Trainer of the Year

Community Education Trainer of the Year!

Earlier this month, Community Colleges Australia (CCA) held their annual conference in Sydney - their first in-person event for over two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year's focus for the conference was "Rebuilding Community", encouraging training providers to consider the impacts of COVID on community education, how to move forward from these challenges, and what the world of vocational education will look like in the future.

This year's CCA Conference was the first to include the Trainer of the Year Award, and was established to recognise the important role Australian Adult & Community Education trainers and teachers play in providing quality training opportunities for the community. A number of Central Coast Community College representatives attended the conference this year, and were thrilled to celebrate the announcement of our Senior Trade Trainer, Peter Wilson, as the inaugural winner of the Community Education Trainer of the Year Award!

Pete has been with the Central Coast Community College for over four years, and teaches a range of trade courses at our Rutherford Campus, including Engineering Mechanical and Fabrication training for apprentices, Multi-Trade Taster Workshops, and White Card courses.

"I really love meeting new people," Pete said.

"I really enjoy training people and giving something back. I was given a chance now I have actually been able to give these guys a chance. Having them come through as someone who was just toying with the idea of getting into a trade, and then seeing them get a job and progress into their trade and do really well – that gives me a lot of job satisfaction."

Pete works with students from various diverse groups, including different cultures, disadvantaged cohorts, and those with learning difficulties. Pete's committed approach to tailoring learning materials and structuring lessons to suit his students supports them to successfully achieve learning outcomes and pursue further training or employment after their course.

"My career background was mainly in ship building in the defence industry. I was 17 years old when I started my apprenticeship after the manager at Carrington Slipways gave me a start... I really appreciated that opportunity to become an apprentice and a tradesman.

"I became engaged with the welders in one of my jobs to teach them how to tig weld to a military standard, mainly doing copper and nickel pope work, stainless steel pipe work, and carbon pipe work. I had to train the welders, and this is where I started my training career."

"I started off where I couldn't get an apprenticeship, and when I got one I made the most of it. To see students that have got learning difficulties, just like I had when I was a teenager, and to be able to give them that chance to have an apprenticeship and make something out of their life. To me that's the most satisfying part of my job - to see someone getting an apprenticeship from my recommendation."

The Central Coast Community College congratulates Pete on this outstanding achievement. You can learn more about the CCA Conference and Awards here.

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