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Kick start your career in Horticulture with this taster course!

Learn the basics of horticulture with this short course. Perfect for those wanting a taste of horticulture before completing a full qualification, home gardeners or outdoor professionals who want to expand their knowledge and skills.


Southlake Community Centre- 143 Dora St, Morisset NSW 2264

Course Dates

Start Date: 22 April 2021

End Date: 10 June 2021

This course runs every Thursday from 9:30am – 2:30pm.

Who Is This Course For

This course is for students looking to gain the skills for work within the Horticulture industry.

Delivery Mode

Face-to-face delivery

Learning Outcomes

  • Propogation Skills
  • Planting and Watering Plants
  • Creative Arts
  • Self Esteem and Social Skills
  • Work Health and Safety

Study Pathways

Students who graduate from this course may continue their studies by enrolling in AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture.

Funding Eligibility

This course is being offered under the Adult and Community Education Community Services Obligation (ACE) Program. This funding has been designed to support people who experience barriers to training and employment. To determine your eligibility for the ACE Program Click here

A disadvantaged student who is one of the following:

  • An aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; or
    Disabled or have a dependent child, spouse or partner who is disabled; or
  • A Commonwealth Government Welfare Recipient or have a dependent child, spouse or partner who is a Commonwealth Government Welfare Recipient; or
  • Experiencing significant hardship as verified by a government agency, medical professional or support agency

Experiencing one of the following barriers to participation in training:

  • Very low literacy, language and/or numeracy skills
  • Limited employability skills
  • Persistent and ongoing personal issues impacting on their education
  • Significant educational disadvantage, which impacts their ability to succeed in training

At the time of enrolment you will be asked to provide ID, Medicare number, USI, proof of Benefit and CRN (where applicable). Please note that you can be asked to provide evidence to support your eligibility at any time.


If you’re NOT a Disadvantaged Student, you may be able to meet the eligibility if you’re living in a regional and remote area:

A Regional or Remote Student is a student who:

  • is not a Disadvantaged Student; AND
  • lives or works in a Regional or Remote Location; AND
  • cannot effectively access training under a Smart and Skilled Entitlement Program or other Smart and Skilled

A Regional or Remote Location is any location that is not classified as “Major Cities (RA1)” on the following website: or as otherwise advised by the Department.

Entry Requirements

Students must have successfully completed year 10 (or equivalent), turned 16 or have relevant experience and/or qualifications that indicate likely success in completing the course.

  • Students who ARE currently enrolled in High School are NOT PERMITTED to enrol into this program under any circumstances

This training supports eligible students who are not ready to undertake a Full Qualification.

Our ACE programs will help you to develop the foundational skills to undertake training in a Smart and Skilled full qualification or gain employment.

  • Students who ARE CURRENTLY undertaking higher education including: Certificate II, III, IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelors Degree or higher are NOT PERMITTED to enrol in into this program.

If you have completed a full qualification recently please contact the college 02 4348 4300 prior to enrolling.

Units of Competency

AHCWHS201 Participate in work health and safety processes


Non-Accredited Modules

CSO201817 Developing Social Skills and Creative Arts)
CSO202070 Propogation Skills
CSO202071 Planting and caring for plants

Please Note that "CSO201817 Developing Social Skills and Creative Arts, CSO202070 Propagation Skills, CSO202071 Planting and caring for plants is not Non-Accredited Modules and only a statement of attendance will be provided for this module.

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